Capisol Cloud Services

Pure cloud document management solution

Cloud document management

Secure archive of your documents onto the cloud without you having to worry about servers or backups. Documents are archived for at least 5 years on the system.

Cloud document management

Automatic generation of documents from Sage

  • Sage documents are automatically generated using your crystal templates
  • Securely archive all documents into the cloud

Mobile friendly portal

  • Access all documents and information direct on the web
  • Portal can be accessed on any device from anywhere
  • Easy search and retrieval allows users to quickly find, view and email documents directly in the portal

Powerful exception reporting

  • Easily identify if there are any documents missing from the archive
  • Reconcile document archive to Sage
  • Identify vendor accounts with no email address or errors in emails
  • Report on documents not emailed out

Unlimited users with role based access

  • User access controlled with role based profiles and linked to document types
  • User activity logged at a user and document level

No IT hardware required

  • No servers or dedicated hardware required
  • No specialised scanners required
  • All emailing done through Capisol cloud servers

Proof of delivery management

Manage all your PODs or supporting documentation in the cloud. Scan from any location and access all documents in a single portal to ensure you have all documents required for your customer.

Proof of delivery management

Efficient cloud scanning engine

  • Exceptions highlighted in a queue in the portal for easy user validation
  • No software to be deployed on site
  • Cloud processing of scans
  • Batch scan of documents enabled
  • Auto splitting of batches into individual documents
  • Auto processing of validated documents

Powerful exception reporting

  • Live missing POD report
  • Handle export documentation packs
  • Automated reporting emailed out each day
  • Extract all reports to Excel

Supporting documents automatically linked to financial documents

  • Signed POD linked to invoice
  • Any file format supported

Link into external transporter system to extract waybills

  • Archive all transporter waybills on Capisol
  • Waybills linked to corresponding invoice
  • Exception reporting to manage transporter and ensure all PODs available

Secure Automated linked delivery

Documents automatically emailed or sms’ed to your vendor with tight security through the Capisol cloud services.

All documents emailed have secure links embedded on the PDF’s to allow the recipient to simply click to drill down to any supporting documents archived on Capisol.

Automatic fast delivery of documents

  • Emails or SMS's sent through Capisol infrastructure enable fast bulk distribution
  • Documents automatically distributed based on settings held within Sage
  • No user interaction required to generate documents and auto email
  • SMS or email to recipients automatically
Secure Automated linked delivery

Secure embedded hyperlinks to supporting documents

  • Automatically link all supporting documents to a document
  • Recipient can access all supporting documents by clicking on the link in the PDF
  • User not required to log in to a portal to access documents

Tax complaint PDF distributed

  • No need for recipient to have to download documents
  • Customisable email html and subject line
  • Send documents directly into customer portals

Tracking and monitoring of emails

  • Know if recipient deletes email with out reading
  • Notified if email bounces
  • Keep record against document if recipient reads email

Record and routing of all email responses by recipients

  • All emails distributed can be responded to
  • Response can be routed to correct employee to handle query
  • All responses recorded against document
  • View all responses in the portal


Schedule your deliveries to customers on the digital planning board and allow your drivers to down load all delivery documents onto a mobile device. Allow your customer to sign directly on the device to confirm delivery. No printing, scanning or lost paper work.

Cloud scheduling of deliveries to drivers

  • Allocate deliveries to drivers electronically and assign priorities
  • Print out a detailed trip sheet for driver and security signoff to assist with end of day debriefing
  • Enable push notifications to drivers on the road

Mobile app works offline

  • Drivers can sync their deliveries for the day using the wifi before leaving
  • Deliveries can take place and signing on the device
  • Once driver is in wifi or has signal, all completed deliveries sync to the cloud automatically

No lost paperwork

  • No printing or scanning of delivery notes
  • No risk of documents being lost or going missing during delivery
  • Completed deliveries are synced to the cloud and automatically linked to the corresponding invoice

Digital signing

Digitally sign documents on any device, anywhere without having to print and scan. Signing flows are managed through dashboards to ensure the process is completed and documents do not lie on a managers desk waiting sign off.

Sign on any device

  • No app to be downloaded
  • Access documents to be signed on any device from anywhere
  • Click or tap to sign
Digital signing

Monitor signing flow progress on interactive dashboards

  • Quickly see where a document is in a flow
  • Send signers a reminder to action a document

Create adhoc signing flows

  • Drag and drop order of signers to action document
  • Add users to a flow from an address book

Automatic archiving of signed documents in the cloud

  • Completed documents automatically into Capisol cloud document archive

Web and mobile forms

Configure forms for data retrieval from your customer or supplier. Allow them to directly upload documents into Capisol to support their application and account creation

Securely gather information from a vendor directly in the Capisol portal

  • Vendor sent a link to open on line form within Capisol portal
  • Direct upload of documents into Capisol
  • No risk of sensitive data being distributed via email and breached

Workflow & Document generation

Configure workflows to link forms with data warehouse and auto create contracts to be sent for digital signing. Onboard a customer or supplier without having to handle a single piece of paper.

Automatic creation of contract for signing

  • Create contracts from templates
  • Contract created from data captured on the form
  • Approval / rejection flow

Secure upload of documents direct into Capisol portal

  • Vendor uploads all supporting documents securely to Capisol portal
  • No risk of sensitive data being distributed via email and breached

Contract management

Manage signed contracts and documents in the archive to identify expired contracts or documents that require review or action.

Identify contracts that are about to or have expired

  • Exception reporting on expiry dates loaded against contracts
  • Trigger automatic emails to vendor to sign or submit updated documents

Exception reporting to identify vendors that don't have contracts on file

  • Good audit compliance
  • Exception report to identify missing contracts
  • No manual reconciliations required

Protection of personal information

Adopt best practice and protect your business and data by allowing Capisol to securely handle your documents and data in the cloud.

Secure delivery of all documents

  • All documents encrypted by default
  • Enable password protection on select documents or customers
  • Detail audit trail of distributed documents held in the portal

Encryption of databases

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