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Salary Payments

Netcash is integrated with Sage Payroll software enabling the creation of payment files within the software with a direct upload to Netcash.

Stress-free integration

  • All you need to do is link your Sage Payroll software to allow for functionality to be instantly available.

Get to know your employee

  • Use multiple credit bureaus to run credit checks on employees straight from your Netcash account.

Secure payments

  • Payments are transferred directly to Netcash and are not displayed on your computer for security purposes.

Automatic reconciliation

  • Reconcile effortlessly off a single, comprehensive Netcash statement.

Pay the correct individual

  • Easily verify and validate bank details while capturing them into your Sage Payroll software.
Salary Payments


Reconcile your invoice payments to Sage off a single Netcash statement.

Effortless Reconciliation

  • Manual or automated imports of statement information using a single Netcash statement for all transactions.
  • Automatically allocates transactions to customer accounts and reconciles payments.
  • Saves time and improves accuracy through automation.

Creditor Payments

We have integrated our creditor payment solutions into Sage Accounting software for an effortless experience when paying creditors. Process payments safely and efficiently.

Stress-free integration

  • Link your Sage Accounting software to allow for functionality to be readily available.

Protect your business

  • Access to consumer and commercial credit checks and reports from multiple credit bureaux and CIPC allows you to avoid fraud and manage business risk.

Secure Payments

  • Payments are transferred directly to Netcash and are not exposed on your computer desktop.

Automatic reconciliation

  • Reconcile effortlessly off a single, comprehensive Netcash statement.

Pay the right creditor

  • Verify and validate bank account details as you record them in your Sage Accounting software.
Creditor Payments


More ways to receive payments from your customers.

Issue an invoice for easy online payment

  • Send your customers an invoice directly from your Sage Accounting software offering multiple ways to pay. Payment options will be displayed on the footer and include a ‘click to pay’ button for online payments.

Offer multiple payment options

  • Payment options include Ozow Instant EFT, Bank EFT, Credit Card, Visa Click to Pay, Retail Payments and QR using major wallets or banking apps.

Enjoy automated reconciliation

  • Seamlessly reconcile your invoice payments to Sage Accounting software off a single Netcash statement - save time, increase accuracy and avoid misallocation.

eCommerce Gateway

Offer multiple payment options on your eCommerce website. The Netcash eCommerce Payment Gateway is already integrated with numerous shopping cart plugins and also supports customised integration.

More ways to pay

  • You can offer your customers multiple payment methods, increasing the chances of payment being made. 3D security and PCI compliance assist with reducing fraud and the chances of chargebacks on card transactions.

Reduce abandoned carts

  • Abandoned carts are a major concern for any eCommerce shop. Our payment gateway is easy to use and secure, giving customers peace of mind when processing a payment.

Subscription payments

  • Our subscription module allows for recurring credit card payments, ideal for businesses that run a membership or instalment sales model.

Card tokenisation

  • By tokenising your customers credit card number, they avoid inserting card details every time they return to your website.
eCommerce Gateway

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