Smart, Accurate, Automated Accounting

Flexible document capture

Getting your documents into AutoEntry is really easy! Drag and drop, Scan, Email or use the App on your phone. As one of our customers says "If you can take a selfie, you can use AutoEntry!"

Full Line Item Capture

AutoEntry captures full line items, including the description, unit price and quantity for each line, with verified accuracy.

Document Storage

Once AutoEntry has posted your data, it creates digital records so users no longer need to hang on to large quantities of paper documents, with client data stored securely in the cloud.

Document fetching - banks

Set up automatic fetching of statements/cheques/deposits from banks

Document fetching - suppliers

Set up automatic fetching of invoices/statements from suppliers

Auto-suggest supplier/customer accounts

For extracted supplier and customer names, let AE compare with and suggest accounts from the company's list

Auto-suggest VAT codes

Let AutoEntry auto-suggest VAT codes where the AE VAT code's rate matches the extracted VAT rate

"Remembered" coding rules per supplier

"Remember" rules as you code so that future invoices from that supplier meeting the same criteria are automatically assigned the same category and VAT code (and cost codes if applicable)

Manual coding rules per supplier

Manually add a default category (and cost codes if applicable) for each VAT code you expect to be included in an invoice from that supplier

Auto-publish per supplier

Let AutoEntry automatically publish an invoice from a supplier that matches one of that supplier's coding rules (remembered or manual)

Default cost codes for expense-users

Assign default cost codes to be applied to individual expense-user uploads

Default settings per supplier

Define settings to be applied to all invoices extracted from that supplier e.g. default currency, due date, description and marking of invoices as paid

Reconcile supplier statements to invoices

Match and reconcile supplier statements to the invoices already made out to that supplier in AutoEntry

Similar Apps

Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank

Dext backs accountants making better business. The one place for real-time financial insights from automatically checked and categorised data – freeing up more time for you to add value, and spend less time on the basics.

Dext Prepare with Receipt Bank

Making accountants and businesses better

Document Management Link

Document Management Link (DML), from Orchid Systems, puts relevant documents just a click away from your Sage 300cloud screens.

Document Management Link

Easy access to key documents

Eworks Manager

The integration between Sage and Eworks Manager ensures the convenience of not having to double capture information or having to operate between multiple systems. It also alleviates the loss of important documentation between departments while ensuring staff are working alongside a specific process to get work completed. The Integration settings let you decide which sections you would like to be integrated ensuring your business needs are met when using an all-in-one system.

Eworks Manager

Award Winning Job Management Software

Inter-Entity Trade

Inter-Entity Trade, from Orchid Systems, automates transaction flows in Sage 300cloud when related entities trade good and services with each other.

Inter-Entity Trade

Streamline trades between related entities

Inter-Entity Transactions

Inter-Entity Transactions, from Orchid Systems, facilitates the management of allocations and transfers between related entities in Sage 300cloud. It automatically generates offsetting entries based on highly configurable rules.

Inter-Entity Transactions

Entities always in balance


Notes, from Orchid Systems, lets you attach context-sensitive, feature-rich notes to any Sage 300cloud field or screen. Use it on its own, or combine it with other Orchid products to provide a powerful platform for customization of Sage 300cloud.


Flexible notes, where you need them


AR-AP Settlements for Sage 300cloud streamlines the settlement of open Receivable documents with open Payable documents, or vice versa. This is useful when the same company is defined as an A/R Customer as well as an A/P Vendor in Sage 300cloud.


Settle A/R Transactions With A/P Transactions!

SYSTRONICS Document Attachment Applets

This Document Management solution provides attaching/detaching electronic documents to Sage 300cloud transactions and master data of your choice, centralized filing, adding structured data, search using structured data, viewing files from within Sage 300cloud screens. If your document management requirements are limited to just a few Sage 300cloud screens, then this product is the right choice.

SYSTRONICS Document Attachment Applets

A simple Document Management System for Sage 300

SYSTRONICS Field Extender Enterprise

The Document Management solution offered by Field Extender Enterprise provides attaching/detaching electronic documents to Sage 300cloud transactions and master data, centralized filing, adding structured data, search using structured data, viewing files from within Sage 300cloud screens.

SYSTRONICS Field Extender Enterprise

A Simple Document Management System for Sage 300cloud

Spindle Document Distribution

With just one click, Spindle Document Distribution sends documents to multiple locations by email, fax and print. It stores them for easy access, freeing up your time and saving your business money.

Spindle Document Distribution

Electronic Document Distribution and Archiving